International Skyrunning Federation World Series Points System

All Skyrunner USA series participants can earn points that are counted in the 52-week ranking (link) of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series (SWS). SWS points are awarded to the Top 10 Men and Women based on race placement in each race the Skyrunner USA Series according to the following grid:


The Winners (1st Man and 1st Woman) of the 2019 Skyrunner USA Series will automatically be qualified to the 2020 SkyMasters, the final race of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series.

National Series Championship Points System

New for 2018, the USA Series will have a Championship scoring system that is parallel and separate from the international points system. Championship awards will be presented at the last event of the 2018 season, Franklin Mountains in El Paso Texas.


Winner Points

1st Place: 20
2nd Place: 14
3rd Place: 10
4th Place: 6
5th Place: 4
6th Place: 2

Distance Factors

VK 0.62
25k 3.11
50k 6.22

Points and Conversion Formula:

Winners Time (minutes)/ Your Time (minutes)* distance factor + additional Winner points (if applicable)

For example: If you finish a 50K race in 25th place in 6:32:27, we'll round to the nearest minute, so you'd have a 6:32. The winner finishes in 4:10. So, your score is: 250 minutes (winners time)/392 minutes (your time) * 6.22 (distance factor) = 3.97 points

2019 National Series Rankings